Miss Maud's Folly

Welcome to the cabaret!


Buzz Magazine (Fall Down album review):

“Coloured with jocular and more sobering undertones, dressed up in elegant yet anarchic instrumentation and finished with a continental hue, this debut recording is a genuinely entertaining listen. Jazz, folk, flamenco, burlesque, or as they describe themselves “folk noir”, these are songs that encourage togetherness and good spirit; an overbearing urge to sing along grips you from beginning to end.”

Bugbear Promotions:

“Super sexy group with ‘folk, jazz, flamenco, gypsy’, even burlesque influence and appeal. Dashingly obscure and yet utterly engrossing… compelling indeed…”

The Painting EP review (MMP): 

“As long-time admirers of Miss Maud’s Folly, having featured them over a year ago, their path to this level of maturity makes us giddy with pride. The lengthy, but never uninteresting, Masquerade opens affairs, Angie Kirby’s delivery like a less manic but equally as affecting Kate Bush. The guitar, flute and sprightly piano tinklings all combine rather joyously with carefully paced interludes. The Fool incorporates jazzy riffs from every angle, while remaining unblemishingly spacious. The title track then offers us a cheeky piano lead coming out of the silent movie era, before skipping into a gypsy tempo and back again. It’s genuinely special stuff on offer here.”

The Miniature Music Press:

“The MMP first discovered Miss Maud’s Folly by accident somewhere in a field in Somerset after mistakenly identifying their festival stage as the medical tent. Whilst awaiting help for what’s best described as, ‘festival fever’, a different kind of aid arrived in the form of some multi layered acoustic bliss. A steel stringed guitar was driving something forward. Something made out of mischievous clarinet and heartbroken cello. Then the voices arrived. Swirling around and downwards into carefully arranged, vaguely middle Eastern style, patterns. The overall effect was far more beneficial than St.Johns’ Ambulance free painkillers and common-sensical advice.

Months later, another random encounter. This time within the confines of a city and with the advantage of sight. With this added sense a new aesthetic to the band materialised. Namely Angie, front woman, guitar player and emotional pied piper…” “But why, dear readers, should we care for this unusual troop of Yiddish style folk/poppers? For precisely that reason, they’re unusual. Where else will you find such musical craft and intrigue? Such a myriad blend of styles and exotic melody?

If you’re really lucky you might catch them busking in France. Wherever you find them, stop and listen. The group successfully combine elements of flamenco, jazz and folk with a quirky personality driven twist. Stratospheric piano maestro Sion Trefor will be making guest appearances with the group in coming months and will be a powerful addition to the already well thought out sound. There are moments of primal chanting here, of terrific dynamic awareness and musical ingenuity… A simply marvellous band.”