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Gwdihw and a chilly, celtic roundhouse…

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014

Bore da, bonjour, guten Morgen! It’s a beautiful day in the Welsh capital and we are full of the joys of spring. What better time to share our latest news?

A huge thank you to the wonderful audience at Gwdihw, who waltzed, swayed, sang and whistled in all the right places! That night has officially gone down in the “history book of magical musical moments”, as stated by Ms Ryves. Pleased to say that the lovely folk at Gwdihw and Folk in the Owl’s Nest have invited us to play again in May, so we can look forward to another riotous night of Victorian tavern style mayhem.

In February we spent a freezing winter’s day filming in a celtic roundhouse… Of course we did! I don’t know why we always choose these baltic locations, but it seems to be a recurring theme. Anyhow, we hope to have some new live video recordings for you soon!

Until then, adieu. Bonne nuit, cysga’n dawel… xxx